Mon 7th – Sat 26th Aug 2017


“Real-time confrontation of real relationships in interactive game-like format from Fringe first timer ”





Catherine Duquette


Inspired by cynicism. Based on romance. One woman finds herself on the brink of love, lust, fear and hope. The audience are her prospects and decide how her story unfolds.

#Instalove is a joyful, electrifying, and at times, stormy celebration of all the reasons we seek love – from the playful to the pathetic, the pragmatic to the passionate - and how identity is created through relationships. It transposes the quest for love into a live game-like encounter; the audience votes to decide the outcome, so each performance is different.

Performer/writer, Catherine Duquette, presents four different characters who compete against each other for the audience’s affections – which will they want to date?

In each series of dates, the audience eliminates their least favourite character. Gradually, Catherine’s characters are revealed to all be personas of the same woman. They share the same stories and previous relationships but emphasise different aspects of their lives and perceive their memories differently, taking distinct lessons from them. As the show progresses, the participatory encounters become ever more intimate, heading to the audience’s ultimate choice.

How will the audience’s personality shape Catherine’s identity? Which of the characters will she become with them? Who will they become with her?

#Instalove is a trailblazer in interactive performance, as it applies game design as a dramatic tool. This concept allows for fun yet meaningful interactions in which the audience not only decide what happens on stage but also involves them with the emotional consequences of their choices. #Instalove encourages the audience to face their own personas in the game of love, all the while reconciling what it means to choose and how that shapes who we become.

American performer, writer, and theatre maker, Catherine Duquette recently relocated to London after living in Berlin for several years. She specialises in audience-performer relations and improvisation within scripted drama. She creates intimate participatory works that draw on autobiographical materials to share contemporary experiences with active audiences. Curious about expanding notions of performance, Catherine fuses theatre, interactive poetry, scripts, and choice-based narrative for video games. With #Instalove she is exploring game design as a dramaturgical approach to theatre in order to allow audiences more emotional and personal investment in what happens on stage.

Admission: £9(£6)

theSpace on North Bridge

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