The Dark Room for Kids

Fri 4th – Sun 27th Aug 2017


“Soundbite to be specified”





John Robertson


Like all of us, you’ve probably often thought that the one thing missing from John Robertson’s terrifying live-action videogame The Dark Room, is a version for children.

You heard it here first - after six years at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, rock-solid Fringe institution The Dark Room unexpectedly branches out to kids.

Those who know the show will be VERRRRRY interested to see how that works.

Part stand-up comedy show, part theatre; all interactive and insane - this award-winning, genre-defining, mixture of improv comedy + retro gaming all combines to become a deranged rock n’ roll game show – now suitable for ages 12 and up.

Families will find themselves trapped inside a live-action videogame! How will they escape?! Will they: A) Find the light switch? B) Scream? C) Kick a Pokemon? If they win, there are terrible prizes! But if they lose, The Dark Room keeps whichever of their parents they like the least.

With over 4,000,000 YouTube hits and sell-out shows worldwide, this is a bonkers game-show for families featuring challenges, death, danger and jokes about Minecraft (unless they threaten to sue).

This is an interactive, immersive, non-patronising, down-with-the-kids, game show that kicks butt and doesn’t swear.

A must see for anyone who wants to treat/punish their little darlings with a cult hit, super fun, fear-filled interactive adventure like no other.

John Robertson’s traditional and far more sweary The Dark Room is also playing 3rd- 27th August – 8pm.


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