Burnt Toast

Sat 12th – Sat 26th Aug 2017


““We will do anything for the people that we love, even if it means eating burnt toast.””





Place Productions


Assembly, Front Room, 3-26 (14) August

The debut work of Soho Associate Guy Hodgkinson, Burnt Toast examines small town life under a magnifying glass, outside, on a very sunny day.

Saxilby. Fifteen years later. Burnt toast. Boring sex. Viennetta. Knife roulette.

Quick Pol is celebrating a 15th anniversary. Her partner, Average Alfred supplies the Viennetta, whilst Wannabe Penelope props up the bar, owned by two Resident Spaniards. It’s business as usual in rural Lincolnshire.

Then Shelley arrives and fucks up everything. She comes with a heart, one that's worth listening to.

Admission: £10(£8)

Assembly Front Room

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