Fri 4th – Fri 18th Aug 2017


“‘Am I a virgin? I think I am. I mean, it went in to her, but it was floppy and it wasn’t very nice, so I think I am a virgin. I’ll say”





Gritty Theatre


What begins as a series of hilarious shenanigans gradually develops into a very personal tragedy for 13-year-old Liverpudlian Greg.

“It is 1989. 13-year-old Greg has his whole life to play for. He has just started secondary school and earns money sweeping up muzzie hair in a barbers. For his birthday his best mate, Tom, has got him a ticket to see his beloved team Liverpool FC play for the first time. Thinking that the ticket might have been acquired illegally, his dad confiscates it and demands that Greg earn the money to pay for it. This leads to all sorts of hilarious consequences, including unsuccessfully attempting to sell stolen newspapers and robbing a chip van. On his birthday, he makes the decision to defy his dad, robs the ticket back, and goes to see his beloved team play. That Saturday morning is the start of a journey that neither he nor the audience will ever forget ...”

Playwright Luke Barnes has used an epic event that is engrained in the nation’s conscience as a starting point and used it to create a personal coming-of-age tale. The stakes are high for Greg, played by up-and-coming young actor Dominic Thompsom, and the odds stacked against him from the outset. The piece both very fast paced and by the end of both he and the audience have been on a right rollercoaster of emotions. ‘Bottleneck’ is hilarious and extremely moving.

Birmingham based Gritty Theatre is fast gaining a reputation for visceral story-telling, Our focus is to discover and nurture new audiences by performing a repertoire that consists of modern works that reflect the concerns and issues of the communities that we live and work in. We remain convinced that drama should not only change lives, but also be a part of everyday life for everyone.

Admission: £5 – £10(£8)

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