Funz and Gamez: Flogging a Dead Horze

Fri 4th – Sun 27th Aug 2017


“Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize winning cult hit.”





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They’re back! Why? Money. After a failed BBC pilot and numerous non-appearances on TV and radio, Phil Ellis returns to the Edinburgh Fringe to reunite the team from his Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize winning cult hit Funz and Gamez, in a desperate last-ditch attempt to get on TV.

Funz and Gamez: Flogging a Dead Horze is the unmissable new family show packed with funz, gamez, songz and prizez for the kidz. Having already created an award winning “anarchic children’s show that’s simultaneously for the kids, and aimed directly over their heads” (Guardian), Phil Ellis has come up with a brand new, completely original format which he’s calling a “comedy panel show”. Hosted by Phil (the most reliable act on the north Manchester circuit), the new show also features Bonzo the Dog (Will Duggan), Jim the Elf (James Meehan), Uncle Mick (Mick Ferry) and Johnny Vegas as The Sun.

Funz and Gamez: Flogging a Dead Horze is no ordinary children's show. Brimming with questionable taste and ignoring all conventional rules about what a children's show should include, the Funz and Gamez gang do everything they shouldn't, to hilarious effect. Gloriously silly and ridiculously fun, FAGZ is a comedy show for children which cleverly thrills and offends adults with the astonishing treatment of their precious little ones.

Since winning the 2014 Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Panel Prize, FAGZ has enjoyed sell out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and London’s Soho Theatre and has been featured BBC Radio 4’s Fresh from the Fest, as well as part of BBC Comedy Feeds (BBC Three).

Admission: £8.50(£5)

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