Good Girl

Thu 3rd – Sun 27th Aug 2017


“Bold and provocative, darkly comic coming of age tale. ”





Old Red Lion and Bruised Sky Productions


Bold and provocative, Good Girl tells the darkly comic coming of age tale of GG, a good girl who finds herself in a bad situation. Naomi Sheldon (Sex with a Stranger, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, The Pride) makes her Edinburgh Fringe solo debut with this brutally open and hilarious hour of storytelling about learning how to live un-apologetically.

One of these days am I going to evaporate? Right here? Things keep seeping into me. I’m not sure I have solid edges.

GG is growing up in the 90s with her three best friends. Life is an exploration of snacks, music, vaginas and witchcraft. Only GG isn’t sharing her secret. Her experience of living feels too extreme. And the more she feels, the less she can stay in her body. As her sexuality awakes and events shake her youthful certainties, she learns to make herself numb. But when you switch off your feelings, how can you make good decisions? And what happens if you’re trying to please the wrong people?

Good Girl considers what it meant to grow up dealing with anxiety in a pre-anxiety age, and opens up a wider dialogue about the female experience of friendship, individuality, sex and emotion. This semi-autobiographical story reflects on the dangers of defining ourselves by the opinions of others, delving into the conflict between the need to please and the frenzied faux feminist rebellion of 90s ‘girl power’. GG’s story brings together the gossipy teenage troubles of ‘Clarissa Explains It All’ and the pervasive disorientation of ‘The Bell Jar’ to create a piece that is at once dark, humorous and hopeful.

Naomi Sheldon’s distinctive voice offers a vital new perspective to add to those of Pheobe Waller-Bridge, Caitlin Moran and Naomi Woolf. Her unusually inclusive and charming form of storytelling allows her to candidly explore sex, masturbation and mental health, evoking the most wonderful and terrifying moments of growing up.

Good Girl is directed by acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe director Matt Peover (Mr Swallow: Houdini, Nick Helm: This Means War, Jayde Adams: Jayded).

Admission: £8(Free)

Just the Tonic at The Mash House

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