Cloud Avenue

Sat 15th – Wed 26th Jul 2017


“'Time travel: it’s really quite simple. I close my eyes and when I open them I am exposed to the air of the past - anywhere in history!'”








UMDS (University of Manchester Drama Society)


Violet has had the ability to travel back in time in her homemade time machine from a young age and has utilised this gift in her writing career as a travel journalist. Delving into her past and reliving the family trips around the world of her childhood, Violet finds her happiness in reminiscing about simpler and more carefree times. However, the dangers of existing solely in the past are challenged by her therapist, Eli, who attempts to bring Violet back to the present before she stumbles upon the lost memories hidden within her own timeline. How far will Violet’s relationship with the past jeopardise her existence in the present?

‘Cloud Avenue’ is a multimedia puppet show, using video art, different puppet forms and an original soundtrack from electronic artist ZOU to illustrate the vivid world of childhood imagination and one young girl's adventurous upbringing. The puppets and set are entirely handmade, with the majority being created from recycled materials. ‘Cloud Avenue’ challenges the idea that family-friendly theatre must compromise in its creativity or dumb itself down, with a witty, profound and above all, ‘visually stunning’ (The Mancunion), performance that will appeal to all ages.

Admission: £7(£5)

Greenside @ Nicolson Square, Lime Studio

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