The Murderous Philanthropist of Croydon Town

Mon 14th – Sat 19th Aug 2017


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Intrepid Fools


A brand new comedy musical, ‘The Murderous Philanthropist of Croydon Town’ is a witty, loving pastiche of our favourite Victorian novels, drawing inspiration from Jekyll and Hyde through Dickens to Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes, to create a lively, fresh, farcical show. Combining clowning with charming original songs and a cuttingly sharp script, Intrepid Fools welcome you into their bizarre and wonderful world. Isabella is all set to marry the most handsome, generous gentleman in all of Croydon Town - but something isn’t quite right with the serial widow Q. Q. Quincy (Esquire.) With the help of Jackson and Johnson, possibly a poet, possibly an admiral, definitely drunk, Isabella sets off on a journey that will take her far away from the familiar streets of home and reveal a dark secret at the heart of idyllic Croydon.

This is Intrepid Fools debut show and following its success at Fusion Theatre Festival they are excited to bring it to Edinburgh. They met whilst at Hills’ Road Sixth Form College and tested their feet in the Fringe waters as company members of the award winning, ‘The Frantic Canticles of Little Brother Fish’, with Babolin Theatre (2015.) Since then they have been developing as performers and devisers, working professionally and training at university. They aim to create work that deals with epic stories in irreverent ways, to provide their audience with a new world to dive into and new characters to fall in love with, as well as lots of laughs along the way.

‘Sharp, brave and charmingly funny comedy-musical by a very exciting new young company’ – Finn Morrell, Artistic Director, Temper Theatre

Company Information


Isabella: Flora Wilson Brown

Quincy: John Chisham

Jackson and Johnson: Becca King

Narrator: Bethan Lahive

Piano man: Alastair McNamara


Producer: Becca King

MD: Alastair McNamara

Lighting Technician: Harry Tennison

Admission: £8(£6)

the Space @ Surgeon's Hall

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