Powerful Women Are About

Thu 3rd – Sun 27th Aug 2017


“A vibrational revolution of being, channeled by a goddess. Part electro-ritual, part theremin-experiment, part light-fantastic. ”





Lucy Hopkins / Heroes of Fringe


Welcome to a vibrational revolution of being, channelled by a goddess. Part electro-ritual, part theremin-experiment, part light-fantastic.

Lucy Hopkins embodies the Fringe’s most relentlessly in-touch-with-herself spirit guide – swinging raven hair, intense staring eyes, and physically retching with the sheer effort of simply existing. Inspired by a retelling of human history that takes in ancient Greek concepts of mythos and logos, the uncanny wisdom of witches and the renaissance rejection of superstition, she is painfully aware that our collective energies are dangerously unbalanced

Harmony can only be restored through the reunification of the sacred feminine with the sacred masculine. The ritual required to enact this spiritual reckoning demands physical contortions, symbolic acts, and the audience’s total commitment to co-creating a new reality. Everything we do has meaning - if you know how to read the signs.

Powerful Women Are About is ultra-conscious comedy by an award-winning, internationally-touring, terribly present clown. Come as you are. Leave transformed.

“Hopkins is fantastic” Guardian

This is Lucy Hopkins’ second solo show. Her debut show Le Foulard (The Veil) won Best Theatre Performer Adelaide Fringe 2013, Prague Fringe Creative Award and Bedfringe Pick of the Fest culminating in a run at Soho Theatre.

Lucy performs with and directs companies and artists across Europe including: Spymonkey (UK), Caroline Horton (UK), Compagnie Interface (Switzerland), Entre Escombros (Spain), Babakas (UK). She is also known as Aunty Val in Spencer Jones’s Christmas short (Sky TV) and Charlie Chuck's assistant Mary.

Admission: £5

Heroes @ The Hive (Venue 313)

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