Sara Juli’s Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis

Thu 3rd – Sun 27th Aug 2017







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Sara Juli’s Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis is about motherhood - its beauty, challenges, isolation, comedy and influence on the human experience. Using humour, movement, sounds, songs, text and the audience, this show seeks to reveal ‘all that is awesome and all that sucks’ when it comes to being a mother.

Tense Vagina focuses on the seldom-discussed and taboo aspects of motherhood, such as loss of bladder control, libido, tears, monotony, loneliness and dildos. The narrative is anchored in sharing the physical therapy Sara received at The Pelvic Floor Rehab Center of New England for her treatment of post-childbirth urinary incontinence.

Sara Juli comments: I have discovered that Tense Vagina: an actual diagnosis resonates with universal audiences, both men and women alike. Older women love to share their personal vagina stories with me after the show. Men think about their mother's differently. Others have thanked me for providing them with the courage and the humour to pursue their own care. Younger woman have commented that my show was the best birth control ever!

This is a poignant and hilarious feminist work, empowering women to think about their lady parts while highlighting the underbelly of motherhood. This show is perfect for anyone who has a mother. Arrive prepared to pee in your pants from laughter.

…a standup routine performed in a supine position while doing Kegel exercises (The New Yorker).

Tense Vagina premiered in October 2015 at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME, and has since been performed across America.

Admission: £10(£9) – £11(£10)

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