Swan Bake

Thu 3rd – Mon 28th Aug 2017


“I'm really annoyed at my parents for letting me follow my dreams because now I cant get a job.”

Second Sons


Brighton Fringe Award-nominated Swan Bake splices punk puppetry, alt-ballet and DIY theatre for people who don’t like theatre, to tell the story of a drug-addicted ballet dancer. It's Nirvana playing a set on CBBC. Written during the writer's issues with substance abuse, and produced now he is sober, it is a refreshing look to see if drug addiction is really that bad, or is everyone just trying to harsh your mellow.

We are all in the gutter, but Bell is hallucinating tap dancing gimps. Bell gets kicked out of the Royal Ballet School for having a crippling drug addiction and is completely lost. She has something going for her, her girlfriend Maria, but Maria is married, to God. Having a lesbian relationship with an abstinent nun does have its foibles, but Maria isn’t like the other nuns. Unfortunately, Maria being the one cool nun gets her into some trouble with the Church, and when a hot shot young priest, who hosts religious television show ‘Christ Time’ blackmails the girls, their lives are thrown into chaos.

Admission: £8.50(£6.50)

C Venues, C Royale

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