A Gym Thing

Wed 2nd – Mon 28th Aug 2017


““After all if you’re in shape people notice you, and being ignored is the last thing you want to happen””





The Small Things Theatre Company and Working Cast Productions


Driven by a daily quest for perfection, Will takes us on a fast paced, sweaty, physical exploration of how the gym has strengthened and weakened his relationships, his physique and ultimately his life. A complex love story from a gym addict’s point of view, set within a 60 minute workout, A Gym Thing tackles body image and bigorexia, leaving those who don't visit the gym with a greater understanding of ‘why we do what we do’.

The gym has taken our society by storm. It’s a lifestyle and an imperative part of many peoples daily routines. What isn't so widely publicised are some of the negative effects. A Gym Thing shines a much needed spotlight on the world of Bigorexia (reverse anorexia), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). BDD affects men and women equally, quality of life is extremely poor and the suicide rates are amongst the highest in all of the mental disorders.

“A Gym Thing both educates as well as entertains and is much needed piece of theatre that should be shown widely.” - BDD Foundation

Admission: £10(£9)

Pleasance Courtyard Bunker 2

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