Migrant Sisters

Mon 7th – Fri 11th Aug 2017


“ Migrant women, now and in the past, put the blame where it belongs. Post Brexit, Corbyn inspired, hopeful not hateful”





Sisters Theatre Company


Brand new Sisters Theatre Company are set to make their Edinburgh Festival Fringe debut with a play that looks at the ups and downs of Brexit and the various perspectives of migrants living in the UK. It also features original funky folk music from Edinburgh musician Martina Canon-Ball and her Irish, Scots and Polish band.

The play takes a serious, yet humorous, look at Brexit, as well as the current and historical issues of migration and how we have been treated over generations. Migrant Sisters shines a light on the working and housing conditions described by Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, which encourage local populations to lash out against new arrivals, but also on the empty hills and glens that Alex Salmond described when he explained why Scots had a different approach to migration. Different ages of women from divergent backgrounds share experiences and consider why these things are happening again in this politically relevant debut

Admission: £5(£4)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

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