Thu 3rd – Sat 12th Aug 2017


“Violence is sexy on television, not in your living room”





Fear No Colours


Edinburgh flatmates Max and Alan are happily nursing their hangovers when their old friend Tadge arrives on their door, AWOL from the army and just in time to upset the delicate balance of chill nothings. Tadge is acting very strange; he says the Penetrators took him to the Black Room, and that they can make him disappear as though he never existed. The Penetrators can be anyone, anywhere and the only escape is to the past, to a time when two innocent boys promised to be friends forever before everything went so horribly wrong.

Loosely based on real life events, Penetrator takes a long hard look at toxic, urban masculinity and the limits of friendship when the loss of boyish innocence becomes savagely violent. Darkly hilarious and fiercely compelling, Penetrator remains one of Neilson’s most excellent works to date.

Admission: £10.50(£8.50) – £12.50(£10.50)

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