Curse of the Mummy

Thu 3rd – Sat 26th Aug 2017


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Last Chance Saloon


From the creators of smash hits, Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom and Frankenstein: UnBolted, comes a tale from the darkest depths of Ancient Egypt. Unwitting hero, Montana Jones, is on a quest for archaeological eminence; however a love-cursed Mummy and a Nazi spy threaten to destroy everything he hopes for! This ancient legend is unwrapped, revitalised and whipped up with mischievous musical mash-ups and outrageous humour in a frenetic hour of riotous theatre comedy.

Using both shockingly catchy pop songs and obscure 80s ballads combined with an intriguing interpretation of world history, Last Chance Saloon takes us on a whirlwind adventure. As Sam Dunham, Jack Faires and Jack Gogarty play a huge array characters in the course of one hour, they will have audiences crying out for more.

Last Chance Saloon is a collaborative comic theatre company who specialise in twisting classic tales, whilst infusing them with their unique brand of character-based comedy. Giving a nod to the golden age of British humour, mixed with farcical physical comedy and quirky musical parody, their aim is to allow audiences to escape from the doom and gloom of everyday life into a world of pure unadulterated enjoyment.

Director Simon Egerton comments, I’m really happy to be working with the guys again on what will be our 4th show together. The rehearsal process is always particularly fun as the script is never seen as sacrosanct but just a starting point for the show we create. Ideas are thrown in, flipped around and transformed to make the show a melting pot of organised chaos that leaves the audience crying with laughter and gasping for breath. I sometimes wish we had a longer time slot to fit more musical numbers, vaudeville routines and exotic dance numbers in!

Admission: £3 – £10(£9)

Just the Tonic at the Caves

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