The Oxford Belles: Women of Note

Sat 11th – Sat 18th Aug 2018


“100 years of feminism told through the medium of a cappella”





The Oxford Belles


The aim of our a cappella show is to promote the empowerment of all genders and races educate whilst raising awareness of issues surrounding gender equality that we must face today. Our show celebrates the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote, and emphasizes the importance of intersectional feminism. In our 50 minute set, we follow some of the best work female artists from all backgrounds have had to offer over the past century, from The Andrews Sisters all the way to the feminist anthems of 2018. Our focus is collectivity, and by coming together as an a cappella group, we highlight the importance of working alongside each other and what we can achieve by doing so.

Our show is made up of female works all arranged by members of The Oxford Belles, some in as many as eleven parts. Each song features different and original choreography ranging from light dance medleys to empowering and reflective physical theatre. Many songs you will probably recognise, such as Aretha Franklin’s iconic ‘R.E.S.P.E.C.T’, and some will be hard not to sing along to! Between some songs there will also be educational and entertaining talks by each of our members, as well as a spoken word piece which features selected parts of significant speeches from all kinds of influential women.

Admission: £9.50(£7.50)

C venues - C -1 (venue 34)

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