Sat 4th – Sat 25th Aug 2018


“The UK’s hottest circus company, award-winning Barely Methodical Troupe, return to Edinburgh”





Barely Methodical Troupe


The UK’s hottest circus company, award-winning Barely Methodical Troupe, return to Edinburgh following the success of their international smash-hits Bromance and Kin with this exhilarating new production. Shift combines show-stopping acrobatics with the emotional punch of theatre as four extraordinary performers test their physical limits in an explosive display of power-based acrobatics.

Enter a shifting space where the acrobats push against the edges of reality, stretching, challenging and testing the limits of collective physical endeavour - they fly, tumble and spin in moments of breath-taking acrobatics. When you leave you will question if what you’ve just seen is possible or if it was a dream…

Marooned in an unstable environment, where everything moves and nothing is certain, the performers work to understand each other and the space they find themselves in. Using all available resources – string games, storytelling and rubber bands – they explore ideas around elasticity and try to gain some control!

Producer Di Robson comments, Barely Methodical Troupe always experiment with form and push the boundaries of contemporary circus - we love to work with different artists who extend and challenge our practice. Shift challenges perceptions, experiments with pace and plays with ordinary objects to make an unusual and transformative dreamscape. It's fresh, fun and scary!

Barely Methodical Troupe are an experimental circus company who love to play with and subvert conventional circus tricks and styles. They bring their unique blend of circus, acrobatic skills and contemporary dance to create spectacular and inspiring performances. Shift features core company members, big man Louis Gift and international cyr wheeling star Charlie Wheeller, working with Spain’s leading break dancer Elihu Vazquez and top Swedish acrobat and flyer Esmeralda Nikolajeff.

Shift is commissioned by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and co-produced by Norfolk & Norwich Festival and DREAM.

Admission: £13.50(£11.50)

Underbelly Circus Hub (The Beauty)

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