Marny Town

Sat 4th – Tue 21st Aug 2018


“Marny Godden (Grandees, One Tooth) reveals the true life inspirations behind some of her absurd characters in a trip round Marny Town”





Marny Godden


A pervy throwback actor who’s down on his luck, an impressively moustachioed breakdancing runaway, a biblical soothsayer whose dire predictions definitely can’t be trusted, and an acclaimed character comic just being herself on stage for the first time ever – welcome to Marny Town.

This year Marny Godden (One Tooth, The Grandees) is going back to where it all began to explore the real life inspirations behind some of her most popular creations. Breaking character for the first time, she transports audiences to family car trips, her childhood bedroom, and the pain of teenage heartbreak to reveal how each inspired the absurd creations of Mo Moses, Little Wula and Wilmot Brown.

Armed with her ‘puke potty’, red running-away suitcase, a homemade time machine and a grab bag of wigs and funny voices, Marny demonstrates that clowning, dance, song and unlimited imagination can help with a surprising array of difficult situations, as she embodies a cast of joyful, silly and totally ridiculous misfits.

Admission: £5

Heroes @ The Hive (Venue 313)

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