Olaf Falafel: There’s no i in idiot

Fri 3rd – Sun 26th Aug 2018


“‘A wonderful hour of professional silliness’ The List”





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‘A wonderful hour of professional silliness’

The List

Critically acclaimed idiot and author, Olaf Falafel is back with another hour of surreal stupidity, inventive jokes, audience participation and the very loosest of themes. You'll laugh, you'll be confused, you'll enjoy most of it.

Ouija boards and workplace morale-boosting dolphins featured heavily although whatever it is, (a bit confused what this means) Olaf personally guarantees your money back if you actually learn something of any use.

There’s no i in idiot is the follow up to The Marmosets of My Mind and Falafel’s award-nominated debut hour, Olaf Falafel and the Cheese of Truth. It explores the stranger recesses of Olaf’s head via a blend of stand up, audience interaction, projected video stuff and domestic cleaning products.

‘Falafel has a talent for the tangential with the ruthlessness and timing of any talented standup’


As well as finding comedic success onstage (Leicester Square New Comedian 2015 Finalist, Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2014 runner up, Fosters Golden Jester 2013 winner), Falafel has also enjoyed online and TV fame on Daniel Toshs’ Comedy Central show Tosh.0 with his short viral videos.

Olaf’s highly successful absurdist movies include a croissantcoiffured talking Donald Trump puppet (retweeted over 19,000 times, with 23 million views), slices of truth telling cheese being thrown onto newspapers and the Bee Gees hiding in beards. Olaf enjoys an average of over 500 retweets a day for his comedic output and has had over 75 million views on the former social media platform Vine.

The comedy website Chortle affectionately described Falafel as ‘an idiot’ and when he doesn’t have a microphone in his hand you’ll find him with a pencil and pad working on his series of children’s books aimed at his intellectual equals. Falafel hit the headlines by securing publishing’s fastest ever picture book deal (via one Tweet) for his semi-autobiographical masterpiece Old MacDonald Heard A Fart. This was followed up by Father Christmas Heard A Fart and will be joined by a pumping new title soon.

‘Quirkily eccentric… combining modern technology with old-fashioned idiocy’

The Scotsman

‘A barrage of absurdist humour and sharp one-liners’

Ed Fringe Review

‘Refreshingly odd’


‘Silly enough to make you feel like an eight-year-old child all over again’

Broadway Baby

‘Olaf Falafel is like a chocolate digestive – very moreish. One of my favourites.’

Bruce Dessau

‘He's like Thor but way funnier and with a smaller hammer.’

Tony Law

‘Olaf Falafel is an idiot, and wouldn’t have it any other way’

Steve Bennett, Chortle

Admission: Free

Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree

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