How To Do Acting (Properly)

Mon 20th – Sat 25th Aug 2018


“A Masterclass by the uninformed”





Mind Engagement Productions


This curious interactive lecture given by actress and software business advisor Zoe Cunningham

offers some of her great advice and practical tips for anyone who wants to do acting (properly). She

charts her checkered career of 18 months – from her first tentative auditions to actually appearing in

a film with the actor Steve Coogan, via a lead role with the Ladbrook Players (where she wore a

dress from the National Theatre costume department) and several short films and workshops, a

radio play and productions on the London Fringe for which she received some jolly good critiques.

Meet Zoe a one woman whirlwind, she is a Cambridge graduate, award winning business woman

and has the coveted title of ‘Britain's Brightest’ from the BBC quiz show. Join Zoe on her journey into

a new unfamiliar world of acting as she faces her demons about ‘not fitting in’ and shares her highs

and lows of accents, singing, sparkly shoes and why you should never be a tree.

Jeremy met Zoe and realised she needed a dash of belief, a smattering of self-confidence and a

sprinkle of certainty. Jeremy worked with Zoe to write and direct How To Do Acting (Properly) to

share her experiences with anyone who felt somewhere along life's path they had missed a turn.

Admission: £8(£6)

the Space @ Surgeon's Hall (V53)

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