Loneliness and Other Adventures

Sat 4th – Sat 11th Aug 2018


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Pembroke Players


'Loneliness and Other Adventures' is the portrayal of a young woman’s search for love and her sometimes crippling fear of being alone. Anna is only twenty one but she’s still single after a series of heartbreaks and rejections. She tries not to think about it, but almost every day she finds herself wondering if she’s done something wrong and if she’ll ever find someone in the right place at the right time. Anna isn’t stupid or wistful or unrealistic but an existential fear of dying without being loved pervades her daily life. The play follows her navigating all the scary thoughts in her head whilst she tries to settle on the best way to find love and, ultimately, peace within herself.

The play is partly written in monologues, partly devised by the cast, using physical theatre, verbatim and story-telling inspired by their own experiences to express the fears and hopes of Anna and other young women. ‘Loneliness and Other Adventures’ hopes to encapture what it means to feel lonely as a young woman looking out towards the murky future, excited but terrified by what life will hold.

Admission: £10(£8)

St Augustines (Venue 152)

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