Hearts of Folk

Mon 24th – Sun 30th Aug 2015


“A dysfunctional folk band on tour are desperate to keep a dark secret from their new guitarist.”

TalkSimple Productions


Hearts of Folk, the dysfunctional folk troupe, have arrived in Edinburgh...and there's a problem. They're one man down after the lead guitarist "accidentally" ran himself over.

Lauren and Peter, the dejected veterans of the band, have hidden the body from their controlling lead singer, Alice, by making use of a spare instrument case and some cornflakes. Everything seems to be going fine, until they realise the case has somehow ended up onstage.

To make matters worse another threat to their plan arrives in the form of ex-busker Theo, who has been drafted in to help the band. However, he's far too curious for his own good.

This witty new black comedy, think murder mystery in reverse, is steeped in passive aggression, farce and cornflakes, and shamelessly parodies all things folk.

Admission: £8(£7)

Paradise in The Vault (Venue 29)

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