Women's Hour

Mon 17th – Sun 30th Aug 2015


“What happens when women are given a whole hour a day to think about what it is to be a WOMAN?”





Sh!t Theatre


After gender inequality was solved at the Fringe two years ago, Sh!t Theatre thought they might write a show about how great Dolly Parton is, but then they were commissioned by a man to write a show about Women for his festival of feminism. This is all the things they could do or say about women in sixty minutes.

'Swaggering, smart and side-achingly funny... A funny but fierce look at what it means to be a woman today’

**** What’s On Stage

Women's Hour is a show of 'giddy, freewheeling silliness' (Exeunt) about what happens when women are given just one hour a day to think about what it is to be a WOMAN. Feminist theatre for all genders.

''Part theatre, part comedy, part performance art and loads of fun to watch’ **** Exeunt

Previous Sh!t Theatre shows have explored the benefit system (in Job Seekers Anonymous 2013) and the pharmaceutical industry (in Guinea Pigs on Trial), but Women's Hour departs in form from these journalistic pieces. Women's Hour is a mix of satire, song, clowning, movement and mess more akin to cabaret or sketch comedy. It is a mix of newly written sections and verbatim text taken from advertising, news media and pop culture. It is constantly rewritten in response to current affairs. There's loads of new sh!t happening to women all the time.

'a bit much for my personal tastes' Everything Theatre

Women’s Hour is funny, accurate and contains songs like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZo26PzXohU (or search youtube for R. Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The Dream – Pregnant). And they said true love was dead.

'A rowdy, charming hour of performed journalism' Observer (on Guinea Pigs on Trial)

Sh!t Theatre are Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit. They are Associate Artists at Camden People's Theatre and live together in Hackney in what turns out to be an illegally sub-let council flat. They have been told many times by theatre professionals to change their name. Women’s Hour was commissioned by Camden People’s Theatre.

'A heap of gawkie, bolshie charm' Independent (on Guinea Pigs on Trial)

Their recent shows have won a Total Theatre Award, The Arches Brick Award and been shortlisted for the 2014 Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award. To make their shows affordable for un(der)waged people ticket prices are kept intentionally low (£6).

This show is charming but it is not suitable for children.

Admission: £6


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