Elysium Fields-Potemkin's People

Mon 17th – Fri 28th Aug 2015


“This is the Story of a political prisoner, an austere officer and four space traveling architects. ”





B-Land Productions


A writer finds herself imprisoned as a result of the stories she’s been telling. Following imprisonment and brutal beatings she is asked to give her view of events. The official put up to the task is given a difficult ride however as she uses the platform to tell another of her stories. This one about Space Travelling Architects tasked with creating a new world.

What follows is a high paced, witty, pun fuelled, even farcical telling of her story which owes something to the likes of Monty Python, Carry On and classic British farce. Insane, innovative and energetic we see the architects, all allegorical to political ideals, squabble and fight over how their country might turn out to be. Could they be the world’s first country owned entirely be a multi-national country, or should they stick to calling themselves B-Land? However, when they survey their work they see on the horizon another city, more beautiful than they can possibly imagine. What is this country, and can it be trusted?

As the audience are taken through this eccentric montage of humour they are taken back repeatedly to the inescapable fate of the writer and what is to become of her...

Here’s what the audience had to say about it:

“Stunningly clever” “Hilarious” “Brilliant Fun”

B-Land productions strive to create theatre that speaks from a new generation of creatives bringing stories alive through sharp new writing and ensemble performances. Comprising of graduates of esteemed young persons’ theatre company Playbox in Warwick they have been creating work together over the last three years and have selected two original pieces to bring, in repertory, to this year’s fringe. She Who Shines and Potemkin’s People With a young cast who have credit ranging from Wolf Hall, Danny and The Human Zoo (both BBC); Santa Monica Playhouse; National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and The Cambridge Footlights these productions really will showcase the emerging talent the country has to offer.

After its debut in 2014, the entire company is delighted to be now bringing this revisionist version of the story to Greenside Royal Terrace as part of Elysium Fields. The same company will alternate daily between the two shows.

Admission: £8(£5)

Greenside @ Royal Terrace

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