Elysium Fields-She Who Shines

Tue 18th – Sat 29th Aug 2015


“A witty contemporary retelling of the Persephone myth. No longer will little Goddesses be a pawn in another God's game.”





B-Land Productions


In their debut Edinburgh run B-Land productions bring a fresh, contemporary retelling of an eternal tale. Making up one half of The Elysium Fields Listing.

“Witty, Superb, Outstanding...My only regret is that it isn’t running longer” – Nick Le Mesurier; Leamington Courier

Like many an offspring, Kore is being groomed for a future career, in this case as wife of another god. But this head strong youth has other ideas...

Told through the frame of a legal battle of custody, this witty take on the myth of Persephone and Hades focuses on the relationships and tensions behind the legend. The classic story of parenthood, abduction and love finds resonance in a modern setting through Georgia Moorhouse and Alice Woodhouse’s dynamic adaptation. She Who Shines explores adolescence, loyalty and ones right of choice while questioning the established ideals that still prevail.

“Exceptional”- Anton Lesser

B-Land productions strive to create theatre that speaks from a new generation of creatives bringing stories alive through sharp new writing and ensemble performances. Comprising of graduates of esteemed Young Persons’ Theatre Company Playbox in Warwick they have been creating work together over the last three years and have selected two original pieces to bring, in repertory, to this year’s fringe. She Who Shines and Potemkin’s People With a young cast who have credit ranging from Wolf Hall, Danny and The Human Zoo (both BBC); Santa Monica Playhouse; National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and The Cambridge Footlights these productions really will showcase the emerging talent the country has to offer.

After its debut in 2013 the production was commissioned for a second run in summer 2014. The entire company is delighted to be now bringing this revisionist version of the story to Greenside Royal Terrace as part of Elysium Fields. The same company will alternate daily between the two shows.

Admission: £8(£5)

Greenside @ Royal Terrace

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