Present and Correct: Fan Club

Fri 7th – Sat 29th Aug 2015


“Soundbite to be specified”

Dead Duck Productions


Present and Correct brings you another original sketch show, packed full of hilarious and energetic material! Mid-sketch the group realise they are missing a player, and they can’t do their showpiece sketch without them. A special celebrity guest is supposed to be joining them, but the celebrity hasn’t turned up yet! Will they get to meet their idol? Will the sketch show even happen? And who the hell is this celebrity anyway? Find out the answer to at least some of these questions at a show to remember, with all original sketches performed by an exciting new cast. Join the fan club!

Only time will tell if this mysterious celebrity arrives as the group try to get their performance back on track with a series of imaginative and entertaining sketches spanning all walks of life. If you want to see a sketch show with bizarre hostage situations, ten-year-old secret agents, and the Chuckle Brothers in the mafia then look no further! Our first show was a ‘wonderfully wacky world of sketch comedy’ (Three Weeks, 2013), and our last one ‘had the audience bawling with laughter’ (Nouse, 2014). Join us for round three of unique, fast-paced and creative sketch comedy!

Admission: £5

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (V53)

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