Glitter & Tears

Fri 7th – Sat 22nd Aug 2015


““This has been fun, this will continue to be fun for the next 20 minutes, but I want to die now.””





Appetite Theatre


This August, audiences will be invited to question where our taste for TV talent is headed, as Glitter & Tears takes to the Edinburgh stage. Fast paced, and at points surreal dialogue catalysed with performances of original songs pulls the audience through a disturbing build up to an overwhelming finale. Glitter & Tears is a cutting satire of TV talent shows.

Set in a dystopian future around the final stages of the fictional show, ‘Britain Can Sing’, we follow four contestants: Vincent, who has made it his life's work to expose the conspiracy theory involving a brutal ratings war with a rival show; Leto, the object of Vincent's obsessive affections; Felix, the youngest and most oblivious, along for the ride and for the experience; and Jarvis an Estate Agent from a small town who wants nothing more than the fame and fortune that winning the show will bring him. All four finalists have their obsession, and this is the result of their clash.

Admission: £7(£5)

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (V53)

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