Lisa Gornick's Live Drawing Show

Wed 5th – Mon 31st Aug 2015


“Drawing whilst unravelling the story of her grandma's life, this is a unique multimedia cabaret performance with realtime drawing.”





Lisa Gornick


Join Lisa in her artist’s-room-cum-cinema: music, ink, and lots of drawing – a one woman show with projected image and amplified voice – it’s art meets filmmaking meets comedy storytelling. Off-the-cuff comedy draws the audience in as each show produces an exclusive set of drawings for sale. Lisa's story follows that of her Grandma Ray, an East End Cockney who sometimes went posh. As the story unfurls, secrets are uncovered and a surprising connection unites the two across the generations. Grandma Ray was a first generation Jewish Londoner. Her family emigrated from Russia in 1903. Ray, was keen to embrace and assimilate into her new environment. Desperate to be a West End Flapper - she was restricted by convention and settled into marriage - with the constant feeling of being trapped. Lisa, brought up as the only Jewish girl at school fantasised about her Russian Jewish past and followed her grandma’s advice to avoid the entrapment of marriage. But does this decision feel right? As Lisa draws her story out and involves the audience in her search, we discover how families mould us and drawing can liberate us.

Admission: £10(£8)

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