The Man

Wed 5th – Sun 30th Aug 2015


“Come and see the birth of a true modern jester, a voice for the people. ”





Barking Mad Comedy


The Man is a punchy and surreal atomisation of the shadowy controlling forces that shape our modern world. A lone vigilante, The Man ploughs through sacred cows like an allegorical abattoir, doing for preconceptions what battering rams do for doors.

It was high noon on a hot summer’s day at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park. Some say they saw a hysterical crowd pulling a shining humanoid through a tear in the fabric of reality. Others insist that it looked considerably closer to a madman, dressed in rubber, crawling out from behind a bin. What followed left many speechless.

For a world saturated with characters from comics, a comic has created a character...

In a backlash of creative frustration and feeling disillusioned with the direction he felt standup was going, a veteran circuit comedian has unleashed an alter ego that stands alone like a mad vigilante torn straight from the pages of its own graphic novel.

Sheathed in rubber, The Man is a plastic figure for a plastic world.

With dystopian undertones reminiscent of the 2000 AD comics, The Man is a bizarre, real world comedic avatar built from trickster tropes and pop culture imagery mashing up everything from a Legoland joker to the Clockwork Orange misfit. But there is a method to the madness as The Man rises on the festival landscape as a new and unique beacon of hilarious dissent.

“Butter my buttocks and call me Bridget if he is not one of the best things I have seen… Diamond hard and needle sharp, superb satire and a persona that is somewhere between The Joker and a 21st Century Facebook Oscar Wilde. Show me more…” Kate Copstick (Scotsman)

“People should see this, people NEED to see this.” Noel Faulkner (Comedy Cafe)

Admission: £10(£8)

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