Tumbling After

Fri 7th – Thu 27th Aug 2015


“Jack and Gill went to The Hill to have a pint of lager... Jack met Gretel and Gill met Peter, and this tale is the Tumbling After.”





RedBelly Black


RedBellyBlack Productions return with the seductive story of two couples as they stumble into and tumble out of love. With a show that speaks to mind, body and the awkward bits in between, this is a tale about what happy ever after means today: friendship, longing, tangled bodies and tangled relationships. This blood-quickening production combines physicality and vocal play, straddling the gaps between theatre, performance art, and a vivid dream.

Through the actors’ own stories and experiences of precarious relationships, Tumbling After aims to generate a conversation about the significance and value of real communication and choice and how we value ourselves in a relationship. RedBellyBlack collaborate with artists of varied skills and ethnicities to compile stories from diverse experiences, creating a genuine representation of modern relationships. The performers’ skills are as broad and unique as the performers themselves, ranging from physical theatre to public speaking, circus to wrestling.

Admission: £11(£9)

The Space @ Triplex

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