Wed 5th – Mon 31st Aug 2015


“Garden tells of one city dweller’s journey into the natural world”







Written and performed by Lucy Grace, Garden tells of one city dweller’s journey into the natural world. It pairs urban loneliness and an inherent desire to connect with the natural world, exploring an attempt to find a bigger picture than a life packed into small boxes. Garden is incredibly honest and engaging, performed with real charm and great humour.

At Insignia Asset Management, Lucy is in charge of the photocopier, printer, scanner, shredder and binder. She’s starting to wonder how this fits into ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’. One day Lucy rescues the abused office pot plant and her world alters. Inside her flat on the 24th floor, she starts to plant, cultivate and nurture her own personal wilderness. Lucy Grace commented, Garden grew out of my own personal experiences of living in London and working in various offices combined with a slow burning sense of needing to connect with the natural world, a world which seemed so far removed and at odds with my day-to-day routine and circumstance. One day on my walk to work I had the thought that I would almost definitely have a more fulfilling and life-affirming experience spending the day exploring the undergrowth at the side of the Thames than repeating another day at the office. I didn't jump into the undergrowth, I went to work. However, I started to write Garden, a story about an office worker who follows that urge to jump.

Admission: £10(£9)

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