Novel Experiments in Living

Mon 15th – Fri 26th Aug 2016


“Canvasing the anxieties, pretentions and crippling introspection of generation Y”





Manchester University Drama Society


Novel Experiments In Living follows some characters in a script, as they discover, to various extents, that they’re characters in a script. Canvasing the anxieties, pretentions and crippling introspection of generation Y, it asks ‘is it better to be handed a blank page or be trapped in a pre-assigned role? Is it possible to be original in a world saturated with ideas and influences? Is it cooler to actually like The Smiths or ironically like Abba?’

Through slick choreography scenes arrange, rearrange and deconstruct themselves in a scattered world of typewriters, balled up paper and plastic lobsters. Fast paced, farcical and relentlessly funny, critics chase characters who’ve killed their authors, and love interests despair on discovering that they’re a pastiche of pop culture references.

It’s a love story, it’s a social commentary, it’s a coming-of-age tale. (It’s pretentious, it’s confusing, it screams student theatre). It’s a play that writes itself. (It’s a play that critiques itself). Loose the plot with this mind bending new comedy. (Nah don’t bother, I hear Michael McIntyre’s at the fringe this year…)

Admission: £5(£4)

the Space @ Surgeon's Hall (V53)

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