After The Flood

Fri 5th – Sun 14th Aug 2016


“"After the Flood is an intense and shocking insight into a post apocalyptic reality"”





The Sundial Theatre Company


A frightening glimpse of the future - Noah’s Ark meets the Lord of the Flies. But this time, the girls are in charge.

The end of the world didn’t happen quickly. It was a slow drowning. Now only the tribal young survive, keeping their heads above water. But today is a special day. One will be chosen; there’s a sacrifice to be made.

The Sundial Theatre Company present a new piece of intense theatre which explores the shockingly real clash of the morality of being human against the post apocalyptic desperation for survival.

Created by The Sundial Theatre Company, this production details the trials of survival for a 7 person crew in a world submerged, yet there's another among them. This realistic dystopia depicted through the talents of 8 young actors brings a world seemingly far from our own to life.

The Sundial Theatre Company is a youth theatre company, based in Gloucestershire. The company is comprised of some of the Cotswolds most talented young actors and is run and managed by a student creative board. The company’s work is diverse, original and exciting with the ability to immerse audiences. These are young actors who are not afraid to express themselves.

Admission: £8(£6)

Sweet Grassmarket (Venue 18) ​

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