Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2016


“An emotional, sometimes potty mouthed show from two sharp minds, a bold brave and moving take on womanhood.”





Rhiannon Faith


Art/Dance/Theatre with attitude, a big heart and a smutty mouth

Based on real life experiences, Scary Shit is all about friendship, being a woman and allowing yourself to ask for help.

Scary Shit is a humorous, tender, imaginative treatment of fears, phobias and (female) friendship. Fringe first timer Rhiannon Faith and partner in grime Maddy Morgan’s journey from Scary Shit to recovery and healing is a witty and poignant live art performance told via a series of vignettes using dance, poetry, theatre a, comedy and above all fun.

The pair decided to undertake cognitive behavioural therapy to alleviate their personal paranoia’s of telephone conversations, fertility problems, failure, career vs motherhood issues and smear tests to imagine a future without fear.

Having tackled these issues and more, with TV psychologist Joy Griffiths (ITV This Morning), they divulge their experiences to bare all and share all with the audience. To demystify the therapy process, to support the call to bring mental health issues to the fore and to acknowledge the grim reality of many women’s real life experiences.

‘searingly honest and genuinely moving’ Lyndsey Winship Evening Standard

An emotionally, sometimes potty mouthed show from two sharp minds featuring a bold brave and moving take on womanhood. You’ll laugh, you may cry, you’ll certainly pay attention as the seemingly mismatched pair display a touching affinity – you’ll even learn what arachibutyrophobia is! Funny, kooky, quirky and outrageous, this really is the shit!

Rhiannon Faith the company make autobiographical shows exposing the sweet, fragile and devastating aspects of human relationships. Previous work includes ‘The Date’ which had its London premier at BAC in 2015 and toured the same year. Rhiannon Faith the individual is a fast rising choreographer, artist and performance maker. She’s also a regular performer at Scottee’s FRAFF.

‘a brilliant choreographer, a madcap mind and a cheeky little minx’ Bryony Kimmings

Maddy Morgan is a former hip-hop dancer who went on to graduate from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Leeds with a first. She has worked with Rhiannon Faith as a dancer, creative collaborator and rehearsal director since 2010.

‘May the risk-taking continue in button-cute foul-mouthed Rhiannon Faith’s Scary Shit. Maddy Morgan is like a young female Oliver Hardy with f**kloads of attitude’ Donald Hutera (on an early sharing)

Admission: £10(£6.50)

Pleasance Courtyard Bunker 2

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