Circleville, Circlevalley

Wed 3rd – Sun 21st Aug 2016


“Five individuals come together for drama therapy once a week. Slowly, they recognise that the safe space only lasts whilst they're inside it”

Experimental Theatre Club


Five individuals, united only by their dislocation and displacement from society, come together for dramatherapy once a week. Sitting in a rundown community centre, some referred by professionals, some there by choice, these five people are asked to share their lives, their dirty laundry and their favourite flavour of crisps. As the weeks go by, they begin to recognise that a safe space only lasts while you’re actually inside it. Once the sessions are up for good, they’ll be spat right back out again, but whilst they’re here, they are not alone: you’re in there with them.

From award-winning playwright Lamorna Ash, the Experimental Theatre Club presents a captivating piece of new writing, exploring homelessness, identity and dislocation from society. Using the audience as members of the group in drama games, we discover what it means to each individual to call somewhere home. Drawing on experiences of dramatherapy in action, Circleville, Circlevalley is a piece of form-interrogating theatre, focusing on the relationship between actor and audience.

Admission: £10(£9)

The Pleasance Courtyard Bunker One

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