Remember Me: Horatio's Hamlet

Mon 15th – Sat 27th Aug 2016


“A grieving Horatio enlists an actor to help his friends story.”





Somesuch Theatre


A cast of two.

A stage full of characters.

A suitcase full of mysteries.

All attempting to answer one of theatre's biggest questions: Who was Hamlet?

A grieving Horatio tries to unlock the mystery of his friend's devastating demise by enlisting an actor to help tell his story.

Haunting and hilarious by turns, a man and a woman explore the pivotal scenes from Hamlet, attempting to unlock his complexities, his secrets and his heart. But, as always with Hamlet, every answer brings more questions. Despite this, the beauty of the heart remains.

'Horatio's Hamlet' is a new play by Somesuch Theatre, written especially for our first visit to the Fringe. We are a small company based in Birmingham who create stories to make you laugh, cry, think again and take delight in the unexpected.

We have been producing stage plays for over ten years and have recently ventured to radio. Our recent radio play, which starred five of our ensemble, is called 'The Kindness of Time' and has just won the BBC Audio Drama Award for 'Best Online Audio Drama 2016'. You can listen to it for free here: http://www.thekindnessoftime.com/

Audience responses;

"The joy that comes off that small stage should be bottled"

"One of those works of art that make one feel more alive"

Admission: £10(£8)

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