Lucy, Lucy, Lucy Barfield

Wed 3rd – Mon 29th Aug 2016


“An intimate piece exploring the fragility between reality and fantasy ”





How Small How Far


Following 2015’s Garden - Quietly revolutionary (The Scotsman) - Lucy Grace explores a life less documented in this intimate show about holding onto adventure, falling through the cracks and finding your own way back. Directed by Dan Hutton, described by What’s On Stage as one of eleven faces to watch in 2016.

C.S. Lewis’s dedication to his goddaughter, Lucy Barfield, in The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe is often acknowledged as one of the most poignant ever written yet we know nothing about the little girl it is meant for, the same little girl who gave her name to Narnia’s heroine: Lucy Pevensie.

Inspired by a childhood reading fantasy novels, Lucy Grace is waiting to find the way into Narnia. It’s taking a really long time. Eventually it clicks; Narnia does not exist. She’s 26. So, Lucy returns to her favourite book to look for tips on how to survive in a world where every door leads exactly where you’d expect. If the adventures of heroine Lucy Pevensie can’t help, then perhaps C. S. Lewis’s dedication to his Goddaughter, Lucy Barfield, holds the key to another wardrobe.

And so begins Lucy’s search for the lives of Lucy: past, present and fantasy. Can Lucy Barfield help Lucy Grace come to terms with a world without the possibility of Narnia? Lucy, Lucy and Lucy Barfield is an intimate piece exploring the fragility between reality and fantasy and how we sometimes have to put fairy tales away and embrace the real world head on.

Admission: £6 – £10(£9)

Pleasance Courtyard Below

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