Reefer Madness

Sat 13th – Sat 27th Aug 2016


“The hilarious journey of two clean-cut kids' descent into the world of the 'reefer'”

Impromptu Productions


Come see the wackiest, most raucous and addictive show in town!

This HIGHly hysterical 'hit' musical is premiering at Edinburgh Fringe this summer - so don't miss out on your chance to see something truly special!

‘Reefer Madness’ tracks the hilarious journey of two clean-cut

kids' descent into the desperate and deadly world of the 'reefer'....

Jimmy and Mary, two naive and lovestruck high-school sweethearts, meet the suave and sophisticated drug-dealer Jack. Luring them into a drug crazed abandon of marijuana, they meet a plethora of wacky characters from the blonde, beautiful and more than slightly brainless bombshell Sally, the dazzling and damned Mae, a goatman and even Jesus. Yes, that's right, Jesus! This dynamic, highly stylised and satirical show features big, bold broadway-style showstoppers, slick swing numbers and even a little bit of jazz! There's truly something for everyone!

So don't miss your chance to see this ‘hit’ musical and its premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Admission: £10(£8)

theSpace @ Venue45

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