Marcel Lucont's Whinelist

Wed 3rd – Sun 28th Aug 2016


“Consider it a group therapy session, but one where everybody will probably leave more depressed”





Alexis Dubus


In Whine List, Marcel takes his fondness for humans to a new level, offering them the chance to air their gripes, moans and whines in public in front of a man who has plenty of his own to deal with.

In a new show – featuring the trademark disdain and ditties – trading on the obsession with narcissistic self-help people adhere to these days, Marcel offers the audience the opportunity to workshop their issues with him, live on stage, with precious few solutions delivered.

Consider it a group therapy session, but one where everybody will probably leave more depressed.

Marcel has been away from Edinburgh Fringe for a year, believing that genius should not be tethered but allowed to roam. Instead he has embarked on several cultural exchanges, bringing culture to several difference places in exchange for money.

Never fear - the finest flâneur at the Fringe is very much back, with a new style of show for the baying masses. Expect louche musings, deadpan wit and Gallic superiority.

“Better than you” ★★★★ Chortle

Winner: Chortle Award 2015.

“Perfect” ★★★★★ Three Weeks

“Gag after consistent gag – the quality doesn’t dip once… As effortless and smooth as a fine silky brie” ★★★★ The List

“Who can resist Marcel Lucont?… pulling clever punchlines out of every interaction with his audience... Sometimes, arrogance is bliss” ★★★★ Scotsman.

“Fresh, accessible and hilarious” Guardian

Pleasance Dome: Ace Dome, 1 Bristo Place, EH8 9AL

Previews: 3 – 5 August: £6

Tickets: 10 - 11, 15 - 16, 22 - 23, 29: £9 (£8), 17 – 18, 24 – 25: £10 (£9)

6 - 9, 12 - 14, 19 - 21, 26 – 28: £12 (11)

Box office: 020 7609 1800 info@pleasance.co.uk / To book review tickets for this show please contact the Pleasance Press Office 0131 556 6557 press@pleasance.co.uk

For more information and images, please contact Miriam Attwood on 07825 642225 miriam@storytellingpr.com or get the team on storytellingpr@gmail.com

Admission: £9(£8) – £12(£11)

Pleasance Dome (Ace Dome)

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