Lou Sanders

Thu 4th – Sat 6th Aug 2016


“Unforgettable, off-the-wall comedy: a flamboyant confidence mixed with an honest vulnerability”





Berk's Nest


Critically acclaimed Lou Sanders returns to the fringe with her brand new hour ‘What’s That Lady Doing?’ She’ll explore the themes of madness, creativity and originality.

Lou believes that as children we are all unabashedly ourselves: often spontaneous, free and creative. As we get older (even by seven years old), this changes dramatically, and before we know it, we’re adhering to social norms and trying to people please to fit in.

Expect portraits of oddball characters, big ideas and a possible exposure to beat poetry, but never underestimate the sharp writing underpinning the show. Every year Lou is included in the best jokes of the fringe (previously for Dave, The Independent and The Mirror).

Join her as she reveals some of her more intriguing childhood stories, showcasing what a little freak she once was. Weighing up the difference between swagger and genuine confidence, she celebrates the misfits of the world.

Sanders is also consistently the critic’s choice (Guardian, The Independent, Time Out and the Times). Lou makes unforgettable, off-the-wall comedy, there’s a real joy to the shows and a genuine connection to the audience and a flamboyant confidence mixed with an honest vulnerability. These shows are a unique experience and you won’t see a show or a performer like it.

Lou has recently appeared on Alan Davies As Yet Untitled, ABC’s Comedy Up Late, Seeso’s Before the Morning After, Sam Delaney’s News Thing, Russell Howard’s Good News and Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience. Her writing credits include Stand up for the Week, Miranda Hart’s Tour and Mock the Week. With several TV appearances in the pipeline, two scripts already optioned and six projects in development, she is fast becoming an industry favourite. And with this, her best show yet, it is easy to see why. It’s time to see what this comedian’s comedian and cult fave can do once and for all – this is Lou’s year - so jump on board.

Admission: £8

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