Our Writer

Wed 3rd – Sat 20th Aug 2016


“A mixture of Beckett’s existentialist musings and Monty Python’s absurdist wit”

York DramaSoc


Two Characters. One Writer. No Hope.

University of York Drama Society Presents…

Our Writer

The play that starts half-way through and ends before it’s finished, Our Writer is a comedy about two characters in a play, Morphine and Porcelain, who are waiting for their writer to finish their script, unaware of his severe writer’s block. Porcelain, the more grounded of the two is content to wait in hope of some change, but the irascible Morphine, has other ideas of how to initiate change. If you’ve ever wondered what literary characters do when their writer isn’t watching, or contemplated how tragic it would be to have all your actions controlled by an all-seeing, all-commanding figure, this is the comedy for you. A mixture of Beckett’s existentialist musings and Monty Python’s absurdist wit, this brand-new comedy will make you laugh, think, despair, then laugh at yourself for despairing at your thinking.

“MORPHINE: I’m not asking for that much attention come on – just a stage direction – all he has to do is ‘control i’ for italics, then open brackets, type ‘Morphine moves from sofa’ then close brackets. There – done. It’s not that hard, I could do it!

PORCELAIN: Except you can’t can you?

MORPHINE: Well – no – of course I can’t!”

Admission: £10

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