Thu 15th – Sat 24th Aug 2013


“KUDOS, an award-winning, 4-star company from London, pumps fresh blood into an ancient tale of love and hate.”



KUDOS returns to the heart of this classic Roman tragedy as a spurned wife plots revenge on her ex-husband’s

wedding day.

KUDOS presents Medea in a fresh, contemporary translation by Emily Wilson. Medea, a sorceress from the coast of the Black Sea, is married to Jason, leader of the renowned Argonauts who captured the Golden Fleece. On the run from their enemies, Medea and Jason seek protection in Corinth under the protection of Creon. Jason is soon persuaded to leave his wife and marry Creon’s daughter – or face certain death. What follows is a blistering study of a woman scorned, exiled and driven by love to achieve the perfect revenge.

KUDOS has been delighting Edinburgh fringe audiences for the past decade with a series of cutting-edge reworkings of classical texts and ground-breaking devised work, receiving 4-star national press reviews and the Stage Award nomination for Best Ensemble.

KUDOS includes Zoe Bloss, John Bond, Alex Kristoffy, Dan Maccan, Jennifer Matthews, Elizabeth Rodgers and Nik Way. Jay Paul Skelton has directed over 100 productions in London, New York, Chicago and Boston.

Admission: £8(£5)

Whitespace, 11 Gayfield Square

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