God versus The Mind Reader

Thu 15th – Sat 24th Aug 2013


“A mind reading show that will make you think again.”





Mark Cairns


Three years ago Mark Cairns’ wife of 16 years sat him down and told him that she had secretly converted to Islam a few months earlier. The resulting divorce left Mark wondering how a person who had professed not to have any particular belief could suddenly become convinced of the existence of an imaginary being, and a very specific flavour of imaginary being at that?

Then it hit him. Who could be better placed than someone who spends his life being paid to make people believe things that aren’t true to understand just how someone could believe something that isn’t true.

Mark Cairns has spent the last 12 years convincing private and corporate audiences up and down the country that he can read minds. Which he can’t, really. Think of him as a fake psychic who is honest about the fact that he is a fake.

A show like no other, ‘God versus The Mind Reader’ is an eye-popping, intelligent and funny look at just what it is that makes humans believe in the unbelievable. Without getting all Dawkins and ranty about it.

Admission: £8.50(£7.50) – £9.50(£8.50)

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