4.48 Psychosis

Wed 14th – Mon 26th Aug 2013


“A naturalistic new version of Kane's final poetic masterpiece that focuses on depression and relationships in the modern world”

DEM Production


Written in the days leading up to her eventual suicide just before opening night, Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis remains one of the most powerful, ground-breaking and disturbing dramatic representations of the mind of a manic depressive.

A highly naturalistic piece of work, this production blurs and breaks down the barrier between her internal and external worlds, playing with what is unspoken and spoken. Dialogue swaps between normal, mundane, everyday conversation, to the highly lyrical language of Kane’s writing. Unlike many past performances of 4.48, this production finds a narrative story in the text with distinct characters to bring out the truths of depression and distance in a more relatable human world. A script has been developed with the cast of five highly talented and diverse actors that engages with their experiences to build a highly personal product.

Admission: £9.50(£7.50)

C Nova Studio 1

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