The Superhero Club: Dark Side Of The Sun

Mon 12th – Sat 24th Aug 2013


“"Fast-paced, thoughtful and bursting with ideas - this show is great fun!" - Jim Tavare, ITV's 'The Sketch Show'”





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The Superhero Club


The Superhero Club started writing sketches together at school and now write humour that is fast, imaginative and extremely funny. From the surreal to the satirical and the abstract to the absolutely hilarious, this four-man group do sketch comedy with style. Have you ever wondered about how you’re going to pass your Duke of Edinburgh Award? Or whether ordering lobster might bring you more than you asked for? Or even if government cuts have led to budgeting in Q Branch? Well wonder no more, The Superhero Club gives you the answers. This is comedy that is highly accessible, intelligent, clean and hugely entertaining. The Superhero Club will take you for a moonlit walk down the streets of life, sweet-talk you into oblivion, sit you down for a candlelight dinner and then crack a joke about a duck and make you laugh so hard you’ll fall in love with them forever. Plus they have great hair.

Admission: £6(£5)

the Space @ Surgeon's Hall

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