Signs Of Our Occupy

Fri 2nd – Sat 10th Aug 2013


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Oakland School For The Arts


Signs of Our Occupy

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 WORLD PREMIER

“The latest in adventurous and outrageous theatre from Oakland School for the Arts.”

- Peggy Spear (San Francisco Chronicle)

“(this company is) …full of realized ideas and strong performance…a perfectly realized product”

- Julian Benson (ThreeWeeks Edinburgh) ~2011

The Occupy movement began in Oakland, California as a protest encampment downtown at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza on October 10, 2011. A camp was set up and General Assemblies were held to strategize the direction of a movement that was intentionally leaderless. After it expressed concerns about sanitation and lawlessness, the City of Oakland raided the camp on the morning of October 25th. That evening, when protesters tried to reclaim the site, clashes between police and protesters resulted in multiple injuries and over 100 arrests.

Lending voices to both sides of the protest, Oakland School for the Arts brings their new installation play to the Edinburgh stage. Based upon protest signs created by actual protesters of the Occupy Oakland movement, the company of actors presents a series of 14 monologues that offer relevance to universal themes experienced on a global scale. Each piece offers perspective about the movement, as told through the eyes of the students who were at the epicenter of the Occupy Oakland movement. Selections include:

“The system isn’t broken, it was designed this way.”

“Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.”

Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) is an award-winning charter school founded in 2002 by Governor Jerry Brown during his term as Mayor of Oakland. OSA is located in the heart of downtown Oakland, and is under the direction of Executive and Artistic Director Donn Harris. Michael Berry-Berlinski, Theatre Chair, directs the innovative School of Theatre within the OSA community. Oakland School for the Arts prides itself on cutting-edge theatre, presenting works relevant to our students on a local and global basis. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share our story.

Admission: £7.50(£5.50)

the Space @ Venue 45

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