Loving Dick

Sat 3rd – Sat 24th Aug 2013


“LOVING DICK is a bold and daring slice-of-life comedy.”





Leading Van Productions


LOVING DICK is a bold and daring slice-of-life comedy, tackling the issues of sex, friendship, romance and education, head-on. Three wandering souls are forced to reconsider what they understand about the coital imperative. Did Clinton or didn’t he? Are you only a sinner if you stick it in her?

Connor, a primary school teacher, embodies the typical, jaded mindset of an educated underachiever; he is drudging through takeaway menus, student loan repayments and five-day weeks alongside his ‘lad’ of a Teaching Assistant, Max. Professionally forced into friendship, Max and Connor operate on different wavelengths both in and out of the classroom. Lana, our ‘European’ expat, is running away from something but towards nothing in particular when she and Connor are introduced. After quickly developing a close, platonic relationship, Connor and Lana go about challenging each other’s existing views of life, love and sex. And let us not forget ‘Dick,’ our mystery entity who ever so spectrally manages to throw a spanner into the working minds of our protagonists.

Leading Van Productions is a new theatre making company based in the North West. Founded by recent ALRA North (The Stage Drama School of the Year) Acting graduates, Rose van Leyenhorst and John Mulleady, the company's ethos is to create thought-provoking new work, primarily in the North. This is our first play and it has been in the making since April 2012, when the first scene was written and performed. The whole piece was performed as a Work-In-Progress at the First Break Festival at the Oldham Coliseum on May 18th. After developing it further, it was staged in June at the Mill at the Pier in Wigan and the Lass O’Gowrie in Manchester where it received very positive reviews. Loving Dick has been written and devised whilst ‘thinking fringe’.

“Loving Dick is a perfect example of how a play doesn’t need to be a big budget production to be a fantastic piece of theatre.” The Good Review.

“…understated natural performances that make the characters both appealing and believable.”What’sOnStage.

“It’s dirty and funny in all the right places while sarcastically crude and self-effacing in others.”Gigglebeats

Admission: Free

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