Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market

Mon 12th – Sat 17th Aug 2013


“Come feast with us, be welcome guest with us...”

Liverpool University Drama Society


'Morning and evening,

Maids heard the goblins cry,

"Come buy our orchard fruits,

Come buy, come buy"'

For sisters, Laura and Lizzie, desire is a disease.

Long ago, Jeanie, bride-to-be, succumbed to goblin fruits. Charmed, she was destroyed by her lustful desire. Now Laura, ripe for temptation, loiters in the haunts of goblin men. Hungering after illicit pleasures, her curiosity leads her into a distorted fantasy from which it seems she cannot return.

An all-new theatre adaption of Christina Rossetti’s dark fairy tale experiments with the boundaries between poetry and theatre to convey the enchantment of language. Transported from well-to-do Victorian England to a Romani-inspired Otherworld, strange costumes, an eerie soundscape, and disturbing physical theatre feed the audience’s sensory appetite.

Prepare to be seduced.

Admission: £9(£6)

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (V53)

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