Jekyll and Hyde

Wed 31st Jul – Sun 25th Aug 2013


“This new twist on a classic tale is anarchic, riotous and sexy.”





Flipping the Bird


Flipping the Bird, in association with Red Shift Theatre Company, presents Fringe First awardwinning writer Jonathan Holloway’s Jekyll & Hyde – a melodrama for a modern audience. Fusing live music, black comedy and grotesque cabaret, this late night show, staring Cristina Catalina, will leave you feeling titillated, tainted and unclean.

This new twist on a classic tale is anarchic, riotous and sexy. The synergy of music and text is fundamental to the piece and the live original score by award-winning composer, Laurence Osborne (Barbican, English National Ballet), creates a dark and dirty atmosphere from full blown cabaret-style musical numbers to the creak of an opening door. After their much-anticipated Pagan Parade at Latitude Festival (The Independent 'One To Watch’), director Jessica Edwards and award-winning designer Joanna Scotcher (2011 WhatsOnStage Best Designer) collaborate to create an eerie and magical set which transports us from the world of St John's living room to the living breathing underbelly of the city.

This Faustian tale of desire and desperation is catapulted into the 21st century - posing questions about gender and identity but maintaining its melodramatic aesthetic. While the original novella and Victorian society were both dominated by men, Holloway asks us if those values are still as relevant today. Although Stevenson’s original action was set in London, there is also a strong analogy that the atmosphere is really that of Edinburgh – his birthplace. What better city in which to retell this electrifying tale!

Admission: £10(£9) – £12(£11)

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