The Jhiva of Nietzsche

Sat 4th – Sat 18th Aug 2012


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Theatro Transcendental


A unique approach to the writings of German philosopher Frederich Nietzsche, portrayed through the eyes of his Jhiva (Ancient Indian word for ‘soul’) as she journeys through his life. The soul interacts with Nietzsche’s mind; a digital screen displaying a twisted web of the images and happenings that have scarred his existence.

Through the ‘connected separateness’ exhumed by the onstage conflict of mind (reason) and soul (intuition), attention is drawn to the spectator’s own internal conflicts, and to the frequency which we all suffocate our inner voices.

“The use of multimedia and postmodern techniques characterised the show, while the strength and directness of the leading actress instantly wins over the spectator.”

(ANEY MAGAZINE – Cyprus’ official National magazine for Arts and Culture)

‘THE JHIVA OF NIETZSCHE’ is written and performed by Korina Kontaxaki, a professional yoga teacher and actress, who has devised methods of combining her two professions. The works of ‘THEATRO TRANSCENDENTAL’ have been described as ‘Stand-Up Philosophy’ (Skala Times), and aim to bring about social and personal change through art. The company will also be performing the production ‘HERE’S WHAT I KNOW ABOUT HUMANS, BY LULU THE DOG’ as part of PBH’s Free Fringe 2012, as well as running a ‘YOGA FOR PERFORMERS’ workshop program at Fringe Central.

Admission: £7(£5)

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